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No healthcare experience is generally an advantage, not a disadvantage… No large innovation has come from within a system. Tesla didn’t come out of the automotive industry. SpaceX didn’t come out of Boeing or Lockheed.. Wal-Mart didn’t innovate retail. Amazon did. NBC and CBS didn’t innovate media. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube did. Genentech didn’t come out of Pharma… So, I am hardpressed to think of one major innovation that came out of an existing industry… You have to start thinking from scratch.Vinod Khosla

Blockquote Style 3 test:

If you want to be a great clinician in 15 years, then you should go to the Stanford Math Department, not the Med School.Vinod Khosla

Blockquote Style 2 test:

A healthcare person doing digital health will be like GM doing the EV1 instead of the Tesla. GM worked longer, more years, and more dollars spent than Tesla and had zero impact because they fitted into the mold of cars as the automotive industries understood them.
Vinod Khosla

Blockquote Style 1 test:

It’s unlikely that this revolution is going to be led by the incumbents in healthcare and one of my one of my beliefs right now is that the one the giant industry with which this is incredibly well aligned, is life insurance and life insurance has an opportunity I think to birth this industry and I think the future of health and healthcare is actually going to be much more like wealth management and asset management, than what healthcare looks like today.
Brad Perkins (lee – this text must be strong, yes?)