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A new realm of human endeavor is emerging. A new high-growth sector of economic activity. A market need and size comparable to the arrival of the PC or smartphone.

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New Industry. Challenge. Opportunity.

WaaS is new collision and opportunity space. Industries from mobile, wearables, healthcare, fitness, wellness, longevity, food & nutrition, to insurance stand to compete and/or form alliances in order to seize maximum value from the emerging ecosystem.

Building blocks are intimate data, the decentralization of healthcare, new health paradigms, and human-computer convergence.

It's presently manifesting with the medicalization of the smartphone; the upgrade to clinical-grade sensors in wearables; the explosion of health, fitness and wellness apps; the expanding availability of direct-to-consumer lab testing; the rise of connected fitness and wellness consumer electronics; the consumerization of healthcare and medical devices.


Intimate Data

Intimate data is broader and deeper than "health data". It is data that is captured from within body, on body, proximal to body or from sensing and quantifying attributes of our life and lifestyle. It trends more toward longitudinal, continuous capture and for asymptomatic individuals.

Intimate Data Points

  • Mind (EEG)
  • Heart (ECG)
  • Microbiome
  • Sleep
  • Fertility Cycle
  • Nutrition
  • Genome
  • Stress
  • Exercise
  • Emotions
  • Environment
  • Daily Activity
  • Relationships
  • Vital Signs
  • and more
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Decentralization of Healthcare

Healthcare has not been hit by the smartphone and the Internet, but it is starting. As it does, a more decentralized architecture will emerge, shifting power to the edges (consumer), accelerating innovation and spurring science. Misaligned incentives, opaque pricing etc. will correct.

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New Health Paradigms

Unlike healthcare, the focus is not "sickcare" but optimization of health, wellness, fitness and longevity. Rather than reacting to sickness it is predictive and preventative. Rather than narrowed to the biomedical model it is integrative of our genetics, psychology, environment and lifestyle choices.

Health Gauge

Human-Computer Convergence

Computing has been moving from room size, to desktop, to pocket and now onto us. Within a decade the majority of us will be perpetually adorned and physically proximal to, "intimate" body, mind and lifestyle sensors – from clinical grade biosensors to emotion detection circuitry.

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Homo deus: brief history of tomorrow

You will do a genetic test, a blood test or an fMRI; an algorithm will analyze your results on the basis of enormous statistical databases; and you will then accept the algorithm’s recommendation... the algorithms will be so good in making decisions for us that it would be madness not to follow their advice.

Yuval Noah Harari, historian and best-selling author